YTD Video Downloader Update Software

present be many video downloaders out there but few as good as YTD Video Download. YTD Video Downloader is simply an excellent tool for saving your favorite video clips from YouTube and other video websites. When you install YTD Video Downloader it will try to install a toolbar but you can reject this by hitting the decline button. After that, installation is very quick and it automatically opens YTD Video Downloader. The interface is self explanatory. As soon as you copy a YouTube or video
link to your clipboard, it automatically detects this and places it in the URL field. Just click the big red Download button at the bottom and YTD Video Downloader instantly starts downloading.
The movement window shows you the status of your download and we found that downloading a 3 miniature video took roughly 1 minute. You can also then playback videos you have downloaded using the Play tab. In addition, you can convert videos after downloading courtesy of a number of presets for iPod, pied etc. To download and convert at the same time, you have to upgrade to the Pro version though. Conversions seem to take slightly longer than downloading but it was still generally very quick.
Note that you can add as immeasurable videos for downloading and convert as you like so you can just line them up in YTD Video Downloader and watch them download. On the whole, YTD Video Downloaders is an excellent YouTube and video downloader that's easy to use, fast and efficient.

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