Mozilla Firefox update software

Mozilla Firefox is one of the World's most popular web browsers and was one of the first to break the strong hold of Microsoft's Internet Explorer on the web browsing market.


Mozilla Firefox really changed the way people browse the web when it originally burst onto the scene. Today Firefox remains an incredibly powerful and customizable browser although competition from Google Chrome Browser has given it a definite run for its money.

New features:

Mozilla Firefox 22 is the newest version of the popular web browser and brings with it a few key and welcome new features. First among them is the company's claim to a speedier safer browsing experience. Tests reveal that this newest version of Mozilla Firefox is without doubt quick to load even the most graphics intense page.

Firefox 22 also now facial appearance secure connections when performing Google searches to improve privacy and there's an updated Software site identity indicator. Window users also now get silent updates while Mac users on Lion or on top of can use Firefox in full screen mode.

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