Social for Twitter Manage multiple Twitter accounts from your desktop

Social for Twitter is an application that lets you manage manifold Twitter accounts at once from your desktop Computer. Twitter's a grand way to stay connected not just with contacts and family. but also with the latest breaking news in your topics of choice. Some people like to organize their interests by different account though, or even manage a separate business related Twitter account.

Twitter itself doesn't have an easy clarification for managing multiple accounts you just have to log out of one and into another if you want to switch balance sheet or, in the alternative, browser hop. That's a total hassle that Social for Twitter does away with mercifully.

Social for Twitter acts just like Twitter itself does in your browser. You can do something on Social for Twitter that the Twitter website lets you do directly including compose tweets reset others reply to tweets and level check and answer private messages and tweaking setting. If you wish for to add a new account onto Social for Twitter. Just click on the tab at the top of the app's interface attach in your other account's login info, and you're set. Flipping between financial records is as simple as clicking the tab.

shared for Twitter will also advise you via the system tray whenever a new tweet get posted. This can be annoying after awhile since it's also accompanied by a sound. Good thing you can disable them in the settings or this might drive anyone who follows more than a handful of people a little wild in short order. shared for Twitter is a really convenient way to manage manifold Twitter accounts from the comfort of your computer desktop.

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